Training for your timed run

Before you start training for your Salomon Festival timed run, get stuck into these informative videos on how to optimise your experience as a trail runner with tips and guidance from trail running experts, professional athletes and licensed medical professionals.


Whilst following three new trail running recruits on their journey towards a trail running event in China, important topics are covered, such as nutritional tips, injury prevention, uphill running techniques, essential equipment, training plans and race-day preparation.

Episode 1What is trail running?

To get you off to a great start, click ‘play’ on the video above for an insight into the world of trail running to understand what makes it different and the ideas behind what makes it so much more enjoyable. By focusing on yourself and the nature around you, you will start to appreciate the energy within your body and your surroundings.

Episode 2What to wear

Here, we accompany our three new trail running converts to a Salomon warehouse where they find out about the best technology worn by trail runners to improve their performance. From trail running shoes with comfort enhancing cushioning to lightweight clothing and outerwear, these are essential when hitting the trails. Head to our Gearing Up page to find out what products Salomon offers.

Episode 3Training programme and nutrition

One of the most important considerations when signing up to a trail running event is your training programme. With a distance training plan from endurance sports manager, Greg Vollet and nutritional advice from team physiotherapist and dietician Arnaud Tortel, click on the video above for some valuable tips on how to be in shape and ready for race-day.

Episode 4Running uphill

Uphill running can prove to be the most taxing part of a trail run, especially for those new to trail running. Here, Vertical Kilometre World Champion Laura Orgue gives guidance for speed, endurance and balance when running uphill. Don’t forget, where there is an uphill, there will always be a downhill!

If you want to check out more informative Salomon videos to prepare for your timed trail run at our festivals, head over to the the official Salomon Youtube channel.