There are those days when you train alone and have to be mentally strong to run the distance. There are days when you have to drag yourself out and it seems like hard work even putting one foot in front of the other. And then the days when everything flows and it seems easy being out there on your own. Most of the time for me though, running is fun. But some of the best days I have had whilst running are with my friends!

Time seems to go quicker and trail mileage seems to get eaten away at in double time, as you chat and run together. Problems can be worked out, friendships underlined and strengthened, and the sharing of your passion gives you even greater enjoyment. I often run with friends and find that even hard training sessions can feel easier as you get fitter and faster together.

Friends also help me keep my feet on the ground after I have come back from a GB trip or racing at Championships – a quick quip from a running buddy reminds me that I am just one of the crowd. Being at University means that I also have a great bunch to run with and meeting running friends has been easy.

Other ways to meet new running friends might be joining a local club, heading along to a Parkrun, or joining a trail running forum or Facebook page, where you will be able to connect with local runners.

Remember to just have fun!

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