1. Run with some friends, it makes it much more fun. Perhaps consider joining a running club too
  2. Run off road  – training on trails can be much more interesting than running on road and really good for your all-round well-being
  3. Set yourself an outline training plan – so you know what you want to get out of each training run, with a goal of the race day
  4. Include some faster running e.g. reps, tempo and hill efforts. These sessions can be really enjoyable and exhilarating and much more motivating than jogging all the time. The change in pace will also make you work really hard and improve your overall fitness
  5. Don’t worry too much about times/ distance PBs. There are so many variables with off-road running – you don’t need to worry about setting PBs like for road or track races.

Most of all…. Enjoy the scenery and trails and do the best you can!

Give these tips a try when training for one of the Salomon Sunset Series events this summer!

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